Bean Burst the coffee scrub that really brings your skin to life!

A few weeks ago at the Stylist Live event, I met Sarah, one of the Co-founders of a new and aromatic brand called Bean Burst! Bean Burst is a Coffee Scrub jam-packed with the finest essential oils set to bring your skin to life. Now being a coffee drinker myself, I was well aware of how a little sip of coffee was the perfect remedy for waking me up first thing in the morning or perking me up mid-afternoon during my usual 3pm slump. What I never thought I would see myself doing was scrubbing my body and showering with coffee granules in the bathroom! But let me share with you how the Bean Burst story began….

Jill’s son (Jill being the other half of Bean Burst) suffers from a skin condition that lacked a suitable effective treatment. Jill and Sarah set about researching ingredients and well known products to them to see if they could find a natural solution. Instead of finding a miracle cure, they were shocked to discover the toxic risks that some of these so-called products carried! They then decided that they would take on the challenge to create a range of natural skin care products that were both safe and beneficial. With the help of Sarah’s aromatherapy knowledge and interest mixed in with the use of coffee, Bean Burst came together.

Caffeine, unknown to me, has a substantial amount of benefits to the skin such as reducing redness, inflammation and cellulite! Exfoliating with caffeine is not only a great way to remove any dead skin cells but to also increase blood circulation to the surface of the skin, resulting in tighter and brighter skin appearance. Oh and did I mention that caffeine is loaded with antioxidants too? Simply put, it’s great for everything! Then we have the oils: Marula, Apricot Kernal and Jojoba, powerful blend that contains antioxidants, proteins and vitamins great for hydration, skin renewal, and plumping and moisturising.


The current Bean Burst range comes in three flavours:

Sweet Orange Blend 200g – £15


Peppermint Blend 200g – £15

Grapefruit Blend 200g £15

There is also a 3 x 100g gift pack containing all three flavours, perfect for travelling or as gift for £28 – here

Mrs J’s verdict: I have been using Bean Burst for the past three weeks and it the result is me, a total coffee scrub convert! With my hectic schedule, I often struggle to wake up in the morning. But then a handful of coffee granules in the shower even before my morning coffee has me wide awake especially with the bathroom being gently scented with the smell of nicely brewing coffee! When I first smelt the coffee granules in the packet, I was reminded me of Terry’s chocolate orange and After Eight’s peppermint. I was worried that I was either going to smell of one of them or like a walking coffee machine! Never fear though, it’s just an initial smell that fades after you have come out of the shower. What does remain though is the gorgeous feeling of all the oils. Some brands get the mixture of oil wrong (you know when you slip and slide in the bathroom or you go to put your clothes on and get oil marks everywhere). Bean Burst, on the other hand, has nailed the formula with just the right amount of oil to skin ratio and the perfect amount of hydration. That means if I’m in a real hurry, I can head straight out of the door and forego actually using moisturising cream. One point to note is the coffee granules can create a bit of a coffee mess in the bath/shower! So remember to rinse down all surfaces before you get out so that nothing gets stained.

To shop the Bean Burst range and really take a coffee morning to new heights, click here.

Mrs J xx

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