Be Kind, Be Happy, Read More and Drink More – Water!

Am I the only person who thinks it’s super weird how the chime of Big Ben signifying midnight (aka the New Year) turns us all into absolute crazies!? Before the Chimes, and, I have to say, the amazing fireworks (exactly how much did they cost?), I was the happy me. Now post chimes, I’m the new and improved happy me. Well, not exactly but hopefully you can see where I am going with this. Why is it that we use the start of the New Year to make such significant changes in our lives? Why – if we want to change something, achieve something or learn something, etc. – does it have to be on January the 1st?! This is why I would say again, I haven’t really got any new year’s resolutions! More goals and a life motto, yes, as the one up there in the title says, “Be Kind, Be Happy, Read More and Drink More Water”. And here’s a few ways how I’m looking to achieve them:

Plants – It was only towards the end of last year that I started getting into house plants, more for the visual aspect of them and how they would make my front room look better. But after more research, and growing concerns about our London air quality, I started investigating and buying more air purifying plants and getting more creative with Succulence by making my own terrarium that you can read about here. Whilst I’ve had a few casualties along the way, the current survivors are going strong much to the help of this great book – How Not to Kill Your Plants by Nik Southern – and my local garden centres knowledge. This year, I plan to go BIG and add a few large standalone plants and some more air purifying plants into my care…I just need to work out which ones!

Books – We all just need to read more. I love reading and I’ve said this a few times now! I’m quite a speed reader but I never seem to give myself enough time in the day to actually sit down and enjoy reading a book. The only time I seem to be able to steam roll through a few paperbacks is when I’m on a holiday (no current plans in the diary) and on long weekends or trips away like over the Christmas break. So I’m going to try and read more! And here’s the statement: I’m going to read more than 24 books this year! So that means roughly around two/three a month, totally doable (I think). I’ll update you every few months and watch this space for some book reviews from last year that I still have to go up.

Walks – Over the Christmas and New Year break, I and Mr J went on a few walks (not all flat in terrain) so there was the more than occasional moan from me. However, after the walk was over I felt great! Knackered but great and on a few occasions there was a nice glass of wine and roast waiting to reward us. So whilst we may not live in Cornwall, there are plenty of local and Greater London walks that we can do. Perfect for getting that daily step count in.

Oh and before I forget…Happy New Year! What’s your 2018 life motto?

Mrs J xx

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