Bath Salts – a healthier and happier you?

 When you think of Salt, its usually the Salt and Pepper kind that gets sprinkled on your food.
Have you thought about having Salt in the Bath?  I used to avoid baths as lets face it who has the time to soak in the bath for half an hour, only to come out like a shrivelled prune?  I certainly don’t!  But when my friend Nikki introduced me to the natural benefits of Bath Salts, there is not reason not to try them!
What are Epsom Salts?
A pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulphate.
Benefits of Bath Salts?
Bath salts have been used for many years for health benefits such as relaxing the muscles (good for back pain folks), healing skin problems, and easing stress etc.  They say a bath three times a week with a few handfuls of salt helps reduce water retention and bloating around the tummy area.  

For tired feet I add half a cup of salt to a bucket of warm water and soak for 10 minutes (this is also great to use when doing your own DIY Pedicure).
What’s Mrs J’s Favourite Bath Salt?
My Current Favourite is the Pomegranate, Bilberry and Rose Bath Salts. 
Pomegranate Bilberry & Rose Salt £9.19 for 310g – To buy click here

 Enriched with Rose, Lavender, geranium and Neroli essential oils.  The smell is relaxing and subtle.  There are even real rose petals in the mixture for that extra luxurious touch.  The oils left my skin feeling nourished and smooth in the non greasy kind of way.  If your not into the smelling like a rose thing or prefer the more natural salt then below are a few more for you to try:

Epsom Salts – from £4.49 for 1 Kg.  To buy click here


Dead Sea Bath Salts £5.50 for 1 Kg.  To buy click here
Do you have any tips on uses for Epsom Salts?
Mrs J xx
p.s remember Bath salts are not meant to be used in boiling hot water, luke warm is the optimum temperature.
* Pomegranate Bilberry & Rose Salt – PR sample

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