Balance Me Oil

The History:

Since last summer, I’ve been switching up my standard body/ face lotion for body/ face oil. Guaranteed I’ve had a few failures because I have already dressed  only to have to change again as there are visible oil marks all over my clothes where the oil hasn’t sunk in or dried. As with body oils, facial oils can differ in absorption rate, amount to use, ability to use on its own or underneath your daily, and – the most important factor for me – the smell!

Balance Me Oil

The Oil I am testing:

For the past three weeks, I’ve been using the ‘Balance Me Radiance Facial Oil ‘(a few weeks of testing might not sound too long, but trust me, with oil, you instantly know whether you are going to get on or not). The Balance Me Oil contains ingredients such as Amazonian Buriti nut, Rosehip, Roman Chamomile and Vitamin E.  Quite easy to use, it just requires two drops to be warmed and rubbed between clean hands then massaged across a clean face and neck area.  This routine can be performed day and night where the oil can be used alone or underneath your day/ night creams. The oil is packaged in a small thin and long bottle with a roller ball top, which I both love and hate but I believe this is just for the 10ml sample bottle that I have.  (The full size 30ml comes in a pipette format). The roller ball is a great stopper otherwise I would probably spill half the oil if the bottle had a screw top. But the roller ball makes it hard for me to judge how much is two drops. So think less is more folks and don’t rub the roller ball all over your face like I did on my first go. Reading the instructions pays off when it comes to oil! The Balance Me Facial Oil transforms dull skin, creates an even tone to the skin and gives skin a radiant glow.

The Verdict:

Mrs J’s verdict – 7.8/10 – I love ‘Balance Me’ as a brand and have been using their eye cream for over a year now.  The reason I have scored the facial oil a 7/10 is because I personally only use the oil in the evenings due to its distinctive smell (which I like but may not be everyone’s cup of tea).  I also like to spend time massaging the oil in, allowing thorough absorption into the skin, time which I just don’t have during the morning. My skin has improved with the use of facial oil in general, it is something that I will be using more frequently post my stint in the Jamaican sun. To purchase the Balance Me Facial Oil for £15 and receive a free sample of the Balance me Radiance Face Mask worth £12 click here.

Mrs J xx

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