Back by popular demand this August: The Aldi Baby and Toddler Event!

Prepping for the arrival of Baby Jonas has been a labour of love mixed in with some heavy lifting, sweat and some tears – yes, I’m referring to the highly overdue clear out of our spare room which, since the day we moved in, took on the role of study/laundry and natural dumping ground. So now with our lovely neutral blank canvas, tick tock shit just started to get real and it was time to start buying some essentials plus all the bits in between that I, a first time mum-to-be, have NO clue over. So what do I do apart from read a lot of books and ask friends? I head over to Google of course! And much to my amazement, I was shocked to realise just how many brands/options and divided opinions there are over every aspect of child rearing. One thing that did really stand out though was the highly recommended supermarket branded products that are taking the baby and toddler market by storm by offering high quality alternatives to more traditional or premium brands. One name that kept on cropping up on my search was the supermarket Aldi!

This August sees the popular Baby and Toddler event return to Aldi. With products launching across categories such as food, health and beauty, toys, books and gifts, bedding towels and mat, electrics, clothing, feeding, furniture/nursery and travel. Here are some of my top picks:

Sensitive Baby Wipes (12 x 64 multipack) £5.69, which works out under 50p per packet!

Mamia Ultra Dry Nappies £2.89! With the prospect of changing endless amounts of nappies on a daily basis, this is music to my ears! And, being available in sizes 3, 4, 4+, 5 and 6, I’d say it’s ideal for babies of all ages and sizes!

Nappy Caddy £7.99 perfect for carrying and changing your baby in any room!

Baby Snuggle Nest £19.99, a popular item amongst parents, this product has been revised with a new shape for 2018. At around 60% cheaper than rival brands, the cushioned nest recreates the feeling of being cuddled making nap times look and feel comfy and cosy for your little one. Maybe they can make one for adults too!

Clothing – All baby clothing look super cute and with no exception on quality, these cute designs are going to ease the pain of the endless amounts of laundry coming my way:

Lily & Dan 3pk Muslin Cloths £2.99

Lily & Dan Dribble Bibs £2.79

Lily & Dan 100% Organic Baby Sleepsuits (3 Pack) – The best thing about these sleepsuits is that the feet are covered and the arms have built in mitts that you can turn over to use.

Now this final pick is way down the line in terms of being useful to me BUT, in my eyes is the hero product of the event: The Baby Food Nutrient Blender for £29.99. Proving to be nearly half the price of the baby NutriBullet blender, Aldi’s version gives you the option to make pureed or chunky baby food. Not only does the blender come with the usual blender, jar, blades, etc., the bundle also includes 3x8oz batch trays with lid, 6x2oz storage/feeding cups with lid and 1 spatula.

All the products mentioned and more are available online from 12th August and instore nationwide on Thursday, 16th August at Aldi.

Happy baby shopping!

Mrs J xx


*items in images were gifted via Aldi.

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