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I’m a fully fledged breakfast girl. I need my fuel and those precious few moments in the morning over a cup of tea to get me set for the day ahead. I’m that much of a breakfast girl that I actually feel unwell if I don’t eat something pretty much within half an hour of walking up. So what happens when talks of brunch start floating around? Well you sleep in later, have coffee, get ready really quickly and run! And just like that I am now a brunch girl as well! I have my few favourite venues and dishes but since the whole avocado on toast became a movement (that I can re-create at home to a high standard by the way), brunch menus need to be a bit more creative, ready to challenge those taste buds. Or, in the least, keep me filled up until 4pm when it’s quite acceptable to be sitting in the pub pondering what tonight’s dinner options are.

Setting the Scene: It’s Bank Holiday Easter Monday – way too early for me and Mr J to be up and about – and we happen to find ourselves in the East London vicinity. Having driven here, it’s rare that the streets are this quiet and the extra bonus there is free parking available (another benefit of the bank holiday). So with some time to kill, I suggest a walk in the direction of London Fields in search of an Instagram-worthy brunch spot – Rawduck.

Rawduck Hackney, London Fields, is a trendy all day dining restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with brunch on the weekends. With simple seasonal cooking at its core inspired via the Mediterranean and a constantly changing menu, you will always find something new to try. The ambience is very laid back industrial decorated with leafy green plants. The dining is long family style sharing tables and the staff are friendly, attentive without being annoying. So what about the food? With brunch options such as sunny fried eggs, coconut rice, chilli samba, cucumber & peanuts, or cured salmon, avocado, poached egg & nori rice bowl, you can’t say this isn’t a well thought-out menu.

I went for fried eggs, blistered leeks, cheddar, charred sourdough & scotch bonnet hot sauce (£8), a healthy beetroot mix juice and fresh ginger and honey tea. The whole package was delicious! I would have never have thought of using leeks and eggs together in that combination but it’s definitely one to replicate at home. The fresh ginger and honey tea was good ordering on my part as that scotch bonnet was hot! Overall I would say that this meal was totally worth the price tag, the juice and tea, slightly on the pricey side for what it is, but that won’t stop me from going back (especially as they are a dog-friendly establishment).


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