Aussie Winter Miracle

Everything at this time of year gets a bit of sparkle and bit of Christmas cheer added to it and I’m not talking about all the Christmas gifting items that we just can’t seem to escape! I’m talking about everyday basic beauty items that we use almost on a daily basis like shampoo and conditioner! Yes it sounds insane and I’m not complaining as hey, a basic item is something that I am allowed to buy (even if I have completed all my Christmas shopping).

This winter, my chosen basic and essential item is the Limited Edition Aussie Winter Miracle Collection. As the winter months set in (which I feel are coming as it is still unusually warm for this time of year), it’s not only the cold wind that we need to think about when doing our hair out but the effect of indoor heating that also plays havoc with hair. Combine that with having to wear a hat every time you leave your home, the idea of having shining glossy locks is a long distant memory.

So here is where the Limited Edition Aussie Winter Miracle Collection comes in to play. It’s moisturise boosting properties with Australian ginseng extract and pearl powder help transform hair into luscious frizz-free locks, giving it back some well-loved sparkle this Christmas.


Aussie Winter Miracle Shampoo 300ml £4.19

Aussie Winter Miracle Conditioner 200ml £4.19

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Winter Remedy 250ml £4.99

During the winter months I tend to straighten and style my hair more than I would in summer, mainly so I can wear a hat and not look like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards. However, with what I would call extreme styling comes damage and what sometimes feels like electrically charged hair that has a tendency to stick up no matter what styling oils and serums I use. Therefore, putting Aussie to the test was going to be an interesting experiment!

Mrs J’s verdict – After a few washes with the Aussie Miracle Collection, my hair felt softer, conditioned and with less fly away than normal. It must be the insignia effect! The static even calmed down and the 3-minute miracle conditioner seemed to do its job in exactly three minutes! I have to share though that it can take a few attempts to master what the right amount of conditioner is to use so not to over condition and weigh your hair down with the product. All in all, the winter miracle collection gets the thumbs up from me! All I need to do now is stock up before they stop selling it!

If you’re an Aussie fan or just fancy trying out the new festive range then click here.

Mrs J xx

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