Are you part of the Anti-Pollution Skincare Revolution?

I used to think that the effects of pollution on our skin was something that was a bit of an over exaggeration by skincare companies in a bid to make you buy their products.  Yes, I know that pollution exists and is bad for the environment but I didn’t really see the effects of it on my skin. I think that was due to the fact that when I did start to pay attention (and I mean real attention to my skin), commuting to work was a firm part of my daily routine.  If I had a bad skin day (or week), I would always put it down to hormones, lack of sleep, or too much indulging on the weekend. Therefore it’s only in the past two years that I’ve really seen what the actual effects of pollution are on my skin. When I travel into central London my skin feels generally more clogged up (dirtier), dehydrated, and I definitely break out more. You only have to get home and wash your hands to see what they have picked up to fully understand how much dirt there is in the city air. So what’s the Anti-pollution solution? Well, staying indoors is not an option but taking extra care and prepping your skin is. The Body Shop kindly gifted me with their Anti – Pollution solution products that have been added to their Drops of Youth range.

First we have the Youth Liquid Peel £18 (perfect for a post city visit use) – With pollutants posing as invisible particles, this makes them impossible to avoid and highly likely to imbed into the deep layers of your skin and hair. This peel gel traps and gently lifts away any dirt and dead skin cells off of your face. Just pump a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub across your face for 20 seconds. You will feel little clumps of dead skin appear on your face which looks a bit gross but just shows how much dirt has accumulated.  After using this peel, my skin felt instantly renewed and its’ fresh-looking. As dead skin layer is removed after using this gel, I would recommend wearing SPF during the day to protect your skin.

Next we have the Youth Fresh Emulsion £22 (for pre and post city travel) – This is the perfect next step post using the Youth Liquid Peel – it contains SPF20 with UVA and UVB filters.  This emulation hydrates and protects the skin, working as a great base before applying makeup. I liked the feel of this, a bit like a serum consistency.  So I still went ahead with my usual moisturiser, primer, makeup routine.  If you are looking for a light moisturiser, then the Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence SPF 50 is the perfect choice.

Mrs J xx

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