April Non Fools Lookfantastic Box

Pinch punch it’s the first day of the month! I tried to think of playing a April Fool’s joke on the ol blog, but then decided that would just be cruel.  So the only surprise is this additional post this week with a sneak peek at this month’s Lookfantastic box which is available to buy – here.


After deboxing this month’s offering I was really impressed with the variety of the six products in the box.  A few brands that I’ve already tried and tested, and a few that I probably never would have discovered let alone tried had they not been in this box.  I suppose that is the beauty of boxes such as these, the element of surprise but also the value for money that you get out of buying a box.  What I’ve forgotten to mention in the past is that each box comes with a little pamphlet telling you a bit more about each of the brands inside, and in some cases even offer you a discount or a special offer off your next purchase.

Here’s whats in the April Lookfantastic Box:



Tigi Mini Bedhead Manipulator 30g – A gunky gel like formula that is good for styling hair into what I call sharp styles like spikes, twist, dreads etc.  Whilst I never had a goth phase, I think this gunk will be perfect for people who have very short hair style… one for you Mr J!  A point to note is that each April box comes with one luxury hair product either from Tigi, Redken or Alterna Haircare, so you may or may not get the same sample as me.  To try the Tigi Bedhead Manipulator click here.

Korres Aloe and Soapwort Shampoo 50ml – I’m a big fan of Korres. In the summer months I love showering with the citrus or lemon basil shower gels.  They are light and fresh and perfect for those late night dinners/ bbq’s in the garden when you want to keep the insect bites at bay.  The Aloe and Soapwort Shampoo is new to me and will hopefully have the same fresh feeling effect.  To shop the Korres range click here.

Balance Me Revitalising Hand and Body Wash 100mlBalance Me is another brand that I am not shy to having tried and tested their wonder eye cream (that btw is great for dry skin as it hydrating the under eye area with its light weight lotion formula).  Balance Me products are made with no parabens, sulphates, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, dea, pegs, propylene glycol, artificial fragrances and colours.  So in more simpler terms ‘nothing bad’. I’ve been using the wash as hand wash as the foaming wash releases a blend of zesty oils that hydrate the skin and leave a non offensive smell.  Perfect for the bathroom and perfect for guests to use! Plus using it as hand wash means it will last longer.  To view the balance me range click here.

Inika Organic eye pencil 1.2g – I was a little bit annoyed that the box contained an eye pencil, not because I don’t like eye pencil’s more because I’m building up quite a healthy eye pencil collection, and you can only use one at a time after all.  What I was happy to see was that Inika was a brand that was new to me and organic and made with all natural ingredients, along with carrying the symbol for ethical, cruelty free and environmentally conscious beauty.  The eye pencil was easy to use as eye pencils go and for an organic product had quite a nice smooth creamy texture to it (which helps as no one wants to use a dry eye pencil ).  The black colour was surprisingly rich and dark, probably down to all it’s natural goodness!  To view more form Inika click here.



The next to items in the box could be taken as an insult (if your over weight and your breath smells) or like me seen as a product that I would probably never buy but would use if it was in my bathroom cabinet.

Forza Diet Multivitamins for dieters – Essentially this is a packet of vitamins no different to other vitamins I’m guessing but is a good source of vitamins and minerals that may otherwise be lost when people diet and cut out certain food groups. As i’m currently embarking on a tea detox diet, I won’t be taking these tablets just yet.  To learn more about Forza Multivitamins click here.

CB12 Oral Care Agent – A mouthwash! who doesn’t love a mouthwash every now and then. A quick smell of the mouthwash takes me back to the dentist chair, not a place I choose to visit that often the sound of the drill its like nails going down on a blackboard. However this small sample is perfect to pack when i’m on my travels… just need to get something booked in now!

Verdict – Over all I give this month’s box a whopping 4/5, it’s great value for money and packed with a lot of products that I just cant stop using – the hand wash being one of them.  The only downside for me was the TIGI gel that I feel my hair is too long for and the vitamins that I can’t start using just yet.  All I need to do is use everything up before the May box arrives!

To get your own April Box for £15 click here

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Mrs J xx

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