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 This year sees the 150th anniversary of  Alice In Wonderland.  Lewis Carol’s well loved novel that has touched many hearts over the years.  Whether is was the book,  the fairy tale version, or the darker Tim Burton take, what is there not to love about a magical world where animals talk and tea parties are a must?

Alice In Wonderland is a tale of Alice a girl who tumbles down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world called Wonderland  where Rabbits talk, Caterpillars smoke and the Queen Of Hearts rules the land.

With many shows, companies and even fashion brands getting on the anniversary band wagon, it is hard to know what is good and worth spending your money on.

All held in the vaults deep underneath Waterloo station in London, Les Enfants Terribles invite you to experience the Mad Hatter’s tea party for yourself. Trailer below:

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 Me and Mr J went to visit the vaults on Saturday. We entered through a side exit to the vaults into make shift bar area, we sat and had a drink and handed all our belongings into the cloak room.  Tip: arrive early the show does start on time and you will want to check in and soak in the mysterious atmosphere that is building in the room.  You will be standing and walking around for 90 mins and it can get quite hot in Wonderland. Our group was taken directly into the vaults into a room decorated full of Alice in wonderland memorabilia. There we were greeted by Alice in the mirror and our adventures underground begin. Wanting to keep the mystery for you should you go, lets just say that along our journey we were greeted by the white rabbit to determine our path – ‘Eat’ or ‘Drink’.  Our chosen path led us in a maze meeting, greeting and experiencing different wonderland creatures.  We even got initiated fully into Wonderland via Wonderland Immigration. We were proud suits of heart, at least the Queen of Hearts wasnt going to be saying ‘Off with your heads’!  Of course there was a tea party and a fabulous Mad Hatter to host, how the adventure ends only the Queen of hearts knows.  If you don’t want to end the fun straight after the show then enjoy a few drinks with a live band in the Wonderland bar.  (remember to keep your Wonderland ID card as you can come back to enjoy the bar up until the end of August.

To experience the Wonderful Wonderland click here.

Ticket Info:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday £35; Thursday, Friday and Saturday £47.50.

Premium tickets available at £65 which includes access to the private Kings Bar with inhabitants from Wonderland plus a free drink at the Tea Party.

Now be off with your head!

Mrs J xx

*Image Source of ‘Eat Me’

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