Aldi’s January Baby and Toddler Special Buy Event live now!

And just like a blink of an eye two months have gone by and I no longer have a newborn (or tiny baby) in my case, and I’m drawing near to the end of the infamous fourth trimester! So what have I learnt apart from my natural instinct to Survive and sleep? To stock up! It still baffles me to this day how such a small human can require so much stuff….. If there is one thing I have learnt these past few weeks, it is to be prepared and stock up, especially on items such as cotton wool or nappies. With Aldi’s Baby and Toddler Special buy event going live in store today and already available online, here are some of my top picks that I will be re-buying/ Stocking up on, or planning ahead for:

Mamia Nappies, that have been a total hit for us in terms of no leakages and cost a fraction of the price of leading nappy brands. Size 2 – £1.79 for 44 nappies!
Books – Essential for a babies development and great way for you to bond with the baby.
Starting to think about weaning…. Book £.4.99 and and Baby Food Freezer Pods at £3.99
And sleep suit packs from £5.99.

And if your reading this and are about to become a first time mum soon… then here are a few bargains that you want to get your hands on now!

Aldi’s stylish Baby Changing Backpack – £17.99

Moses Basket and Stand – £29.99

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Original – £44.99

The Aldi Toddler and Baby event is live now in store and online.

Mrs J xx

*items in pictures gifted via Aldi

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