January 2018

My January saviours

And we’ve survived! Can you believe it? The toughest month of the year is actually over! We can all officially start drinking and wearing sparkles again! Most people moan about January – the weather, their bank balances and just how things would just generally be better if it was summer again! Me? Well, I can’t say that I’ve had a bad January! In fact, I can go as far as

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It’s time to go coconutty with CO YO!

Coconuts are a thing! Not a fad, not a trend and definitely not a passing obsession but a thing. These tasty food items are often the topic of discussion – are they a fruit, seed or nut? I would say they are a bit of everything. Coconuts as an ingredient or a super food item have, in the more recent years, been thrust into the limelight in the form of:

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Be Kind, Be Happy, Read More and Drink More – Water!

Am I the only person who thinks it’s super weird how the chime of Big Ben signifying midnight (aka the New Year) turns us all into absolute crazies!? Before the Chimes, and, I have to say, the amazing fireworks (exactly how much did they cost?), I was the happy me. Now post chimes, I’m the new and improved happy me. Well, not exactly but hopefully you can see where I

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