October 2017

Don’t let print die!

Since the creation or rise of online magazine/sites and e-readers, printed materials (physical books, magazines, etc.) have seen a large decrease in sales. I’m all for progress, and in the society that we live in today, accessing information online is so easy. One can say that it is the most efficient way of being up to date with current news as it is happening, but there is something about this

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Why I’ve fallen in love with Mac Cosmetics again this Autumn

Mac Cosmetics was THE brand to shop at when I was younger.  It catered for darker skin tones such as mine, and was the brand that you simply progressed to buying when you could afford a little more than just drug store alternatives. MAC was the brand that got me wearing bright orange and yellow eyeshadow (yes, that was a look when I was 18) and it was the brand

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The RNLI Fish Supper 13th – 15th October: Cook it. Eat it. Share it.

It’s that time of year again where I share with you a new and fantastic recipe for you to try out at home and wow your dinner guests with.  For those of you that follow me on Instagram stories, you would have seen me replicate this very dish over a course of a few hours! A classic cooking mistake on my behalf and a useful tip for you…. make the

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