July 2017

Staying safe in Cyprus with Nuxe Sun

Visiting Cyprus during one of the hottest months of the year may sound BAT SHIT CRAZY to some people, but hey, that’s how things worked out for me and Mr J this year and I certainly am not complaining.  Whilst I go into complete melt down when temperatures reach over 30°C in London, when you have a sunbed, some shade and an inviting pool at your disposal, any whinging on my

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Are you part of the Anti-Pollution Skincare Revolution?

I used to think that the effects of pollution on our skin was something that was a bit of an over exaggeration by skincare companies in a bid to make you buy their products.  Yes, I know that pollution exists and is bad for the environment but I didn’t really see the effects of it on my skin. I think that was due to the fact that when I did

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Six ways to keep your dog cool this summer!

This is a different kind of post for me but if you follow me on social media or you have met some of my furry companions in the flesh, then you will know that I’m obsessed with dogs!  This recent heatwave got me thinking and feeling more than sympathetic for my pawed friends.  As we all might be complaining about the humidity and the heat, but imagine wearing a full

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