June 2017

Bio-Extracts your very own vegan skincare lab at home.

Taking a look at my bedside vanity area, it becomes quite evident that I’m not your typical one-potion type of girl. Long gone are the days when I would consider just using one face cream. Our skin goes through different stages throughout the year and not just in line with the seasons. Factors such as weather, pollution, hormones and lifestyle all play a part.  There are days when I class

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It’s official…. Summer is here!

Hello heatwave! It’s official, yesterday was the first day of the UK Summer and with temperatures rocketing to 34 degrees, Summer really has arrived with a BANG! We British people love to complain – it’s either too cold or it’s too hot! But I love the heat. You could say I’m a bit of a sun seeker so this heat is pure bliss. However, a pool in my back garden

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My Top Five Current Summer Scents

Fragrances or scents, for me, are paired with memories – some happy, some sad. But mostly, they mark significant milestones in my life.  Which is why if you asked me to pick my all time favourite scent, I simply wouldn’t be able to. Not because I don’t want to relive those memories, more so that my preferences or tastes have changed. What would have been my favourite scent as a teenager is

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