May 2017

Choose your vice – The Benefit or Get The Glow Beauty Box?

We all have our vices in life and mine is makeup. It seems that summer is finally here and with a firm winter wardrobe still in place, getting that summer beauty look or glow is something that is far easier and within my reach to achieve. So if you’re already a Lookfantastic Beauty Box subscriber, you would have received their nicely timed ‘Get the Glow’ beauty box. It’s perfect as

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Sleep – How to Nail That Bedtime Routine

Sleep – the universal activity that all humans need to survive; an essential activity to rest and recoup the body and mind. With the average adult recommended to get between 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep per night, for a poor sleeper like me, this requires a lot of commitment in a carefully timed pre-bedtime routine! If this scenario sounds familiar to you, or you’re also a poor sleeper/insomniac,

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Things to keep you occupied this May!

This is not the best of post, just more of things that I have been enjoying over the past month that are going to see me well into May, being that it is nowhere near summer weather here in the UK ( I mean we had hail stones on May Day!). So with sandals, sunshine, picnics and BBQs in the near distant future, here are my recommendations for the imminent

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