April 2017

Awaken those taste buds at Rawduck Hackney

I’m a fully fledged breakfast girl. I need my fuel and those precious few moments in the morning over a cup of tea to get me set for the day ahead. I’m that much of a breakfast girl that I actually feel unwell if I don’t eat something pretty much within half an hour of walking up. So what happens when talks of brunch start floating around? Well you sleep

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Four eyeshadow pots by Ciaté that have made me put that eyeshadow palette away!

It’s quite rare these days that I step away from an eyeshadow palette. It’s not the colour or the pigment that wins me over but the pure convenience of having a selection of colours at your fingertips that you can mix and experiment with. However, when I look at a palette, it is only two or three colours that hit the pan and more than often, the majority of the

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